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First-Time Report of Birth Abroad

First-Time Report of Birth Abroad

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Starting August 1, 2014, all appointments for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA) and Adult Derivative Citizenship applications at U.S. Embassy Manila will be made through a mail-in appointment scheduling system in order to provide better service to our clients.  The system will reduce the wait time and help families prepare for the citizenship appointment at the Embassy. Please follow the instruction below.


CRBA Appointment Instructions

To request a citizenship appointment, please follow these instructions: 

1. Print the CRBA checklist.  

2. Gather all required documents, including the required application forms.

3. Send the following to the U.S. Embassy address provided below:

  • a photocopy of all documents and completed forms (do NOT send originals)
  • a photocopy of the biopage of each parent’s passport or other identification
  • the signed CRBA checklist
  • your personal e-mail address
  • a local (Philippines) phone number where you can be reached.

Mailing address:

Citizenship and Passport Unit

American Citizens Services, Consular Section

U.S. Embassy

1201 Roxas Boulevard, 0930 Manila

4. Do NOT send originals of your documents. 

5. All requests for citizenship appointments must be mailed or sent by courier.  We recommend that you use a courier service so that you can track your packet.  Drop-off requests at the Embassy will not be accepted.

6. Once your packet is received in ACS, our staff will e-mail you the date and time of your citizenship appointment and, if needed, a list of items you are missing. 

7. The child/applicant must be present at the interview. Both parents are strongly encouraged to accompany the child.

8. Please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time.  Your appointment time is not the same as your interview time.  Interview times depend on the number of applicants who appear for their appointments as well as the length of processing time for each case.

9. Please bring photos, originals of all required documents, I.D, and all application fees with you on the day of your appointment!  Please refer to the CRBA checklist for details on required items.

10. Please come prepared!   If your application is incomplete on the day of your appointment, you may be asked to schedule a new appointment.  This will require that you start the appointment request process from the beginning. 

11. If you need to cancel your appointment, send an e-mail in advance of your appointment date.  If you do not cancel your appointment in advance, all documents mailed to us will be destroyed and you will need to start the appointment request process from the beginning (i.e., mail photocopies of documents, etc., to ACS).  Do NOT send originals of your documents.

   To start the process of scheduling a citizenship appointment, download the application forms and gather the documents listed on the CRBA checklist.


Fee Schedule

  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad (under 18 years old) - $100

    First-time U.S. passport (under 16 years old) - $105

    First-time U.S. passport (16 years old and above) - $135

Software Requirements

  • Thread To view PDF files, you need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.  Get a free download from the Adobe website.

    Official Department of State forms are available in PDF, fillable PDF, and FAR (the Department's standard form format).  If you encounter difficulties accessing forms, your computer may need additional software to facilitate the FAR format. Download the FAR by clicking here.