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Derivative U.S. Citizenship for Adults

Derivative U.S. Citizenship for Adults

For Filipino Translation of this page, click here.  

Please read all information on this page to ensure you understand the application process, including making an appointment and preparing documents for the interview. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you do not bring the required documentation, we will be obliged to suspend processing of the application and you will be  required to schedule another appointment.

Applicants 18 years old and over, born outside the United States, may claim U.S. citizenship through his/her biological parent who at the time of the applicant's birth was a United States citizen.  Once the citizenship claim is established, the applicant qualifies for a first-time U.S. passport.  Applicants 18 years old and over are not eligible for issuance of a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA).

Application Requirements  

Click the CHECKLIST FOR DERIVATIVE CITIZENSHIP FOR ADULTS here for the list of the required fees, forms and supporting documents for a derivative citizenship claim. 

At the time of the your derivative citizenship interview, you will be asked to present the fees and documents listed on the checklist.  To assist you preparation, please download, print out and complete the checklist.

Book an Appointment


Once you have gathered all the documents listed on the derivative citizenship checklist, you are ready to book an appointment.

U.S. Embassy Manila has an online appointment system for applications for claims to U.S. citizenship.  After gathering all required documentation, you may schedule an appointment for an in-person interview. 

  • The applicant must be present at the interview. 
  • On the day of your appointment, please arrive at the Embassy at least 30 minutes before your appointment time.  When you arrive at the American Citizens Services area, wait for your q-matic number to flash on the screen and be ready with your appointment confirmation printout, the Derivative Citizenship checklist, and supporting documents and fee.
  •  Please have a separate appointment for each applicant who is applying.  As there are many people seeking appointments, we ask you to please cancel your appointment if you will be unable to come to the Embassy.
  • If there are multiple appointments made for the same applicant, the Embassy will cancel all but one appointment and will cancel all subsequent appointments if you do not show up for that appointment . 
  • Use a valid e-mail address and print your appointment confirmation. 
  • Select the service "Report the birth abroad of a child of a U.S. citizen" (3rd button) on the appointment system.




CANCEL AN APPOINTMENT by clicking here.


Do You have a Claim? (copy)

Software Requirements (copy)

  • Thread To view PDF files, you need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.  Get a free download from the Adobe website.

    Official Department of State forms are available in PDF, fillable PDF, and FAR (the Department's standard form format).  If you encounter difficulties accessing forms, your computer may need additional software to facilitate the FAR format. Download the FAR by clicking here.