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Ambassador Philip S. Goldberg (Embassy photo)

Ambassador Philip S. Goldberg

We at the U.S. Embassy Manila, including our Economic, Commercial, Agricultural, Consular, and Public Affairs teams, are ready to assist you in your efforts to promote business between the United States and the Philippines.

The Philippine government continues to make significant progress in implementing policy and institutional reforms. The Philippines has also achieved remarkable improvements in GDP growth, competitiveness, tax revenues, and sovereign debt ranking. The Philippines is a market where American products and services are well known and held in high regard, owing to the very close relationship between our two countries.

We look forward to working with the Philippines as it hosts and chairs the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in 2015, under theme, "Building Inclusive economies, building a better world."

The United States and the Philippines, together with the other 19 APEC member economies, will focus our efforts on promoting inclusive and sustainable growth by investing in human capital, fostering small and medium enterprises’ (SMEs) participation in the regional and global economy, building sustainable and resilient communities, and enhancing regional economic integration.

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